Bay of Islands Maritime Park Inc comprises people with a stunningly diverse range of skills and personalities, providing a mixture of vision, experience and energy.

Catchment Semi-committee (Living Waters)
Chris Richmond - Chair
John Booth
Sandra Scowen
John Russell - Treasurer

Marine Semi-committee (Fish Forever)
Ria Bright - Chair
Dean Wright - Co-secretary
Chris Booth
Derry Godbert
Ken Grange
Karen Field
Wendy Tobin

RIARia Bright BA (Hons) Dip Tch
Opua, Bay of Islands

Ria is a secondary school teacher originating from Wellington. She fell in love with the gentle Bay of Islands, and decided to raise the children here. Ria's concern for the local marine life grew as she heard more people lamenting the lack of fish and smaller sizes compared to by-gone days: "Our Bay is why this area is so special - it needs protecting - simple as that!"


Chris Richmond BSc (Aquatic and Earth Sciences)
Russell, Bay of Islands

Chris has been professionally involved with protecting and repairing aquatic habitats since 1971. After embracing scuba diving in 1988 he took on protecting fish populations as well. He’s been involved in marine reserve establishment or monitoring at several sites in New Zealand and overseas. He and Vicky produced the underwater DVD, “Like more Fish” about Kapiti Marine Reserve in 2004. In the Bay he has been active in Russell Landcare, BOIMP, Baycare and Fish Forever as well as exploring the marine environments between Karikari and the Poor Knights.

WendyWendy Tobin

Wendy is a tour de force campaigner who incorporates her eco-philosophy into everyday life. During many hours of volunteering for Fish Forever she has shown absolute commitment to the campaign objectives and has been a key driving energy for the team. Wendy is chairperson of the marine semi-committee.  She has sailed around the globe with her family (with plans afoot to do it again soon).

dean-wright-11 Dean Wright
Opito Bay

Dean is a lifelong fisherman who fell in love with the Bay as a teen. He moved here from the Taranaki and worked on game-fishing charter boats during the 1980s. His interest in marine conservation was sparked snorkelling at the Poor Knights: “Clouds of fish surrounded me; I swam with huge snapper, kingfish and stingrays. When I got back on board my perspective had changed and I realised why we need no-take areas.” Dean is a photographer and web designer; he designed the groups' websites, and provides the team with great IT skills.


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